About us

We have always found ourselves not just wanting, but needing to design and build new things. For our director, this drove an interest in classic cars and motorsports as a teenager and led to the restoration of a Triumph GT6 from the ground up before going on to work with racing teams as an engineer on sports prototype machines. This ever expanding knowledge of mechatronic systems and desire to develop more capable vehicles led to further involvement in some aspects of race car and motorbike design.

Interests broaden over time and as such we have become involved in projects ranging from the rail industry to custom agricultural machinery, with motorsport and classic car engineering nestling somewhere in the middle. With this experience we are able to give a considered and methodical design and development approach to any project that a customer may bring to the table and assist that customer in bringing their idea through to a full concept and on to production, should that be desired.

We believe that everyone has an inventive streak, be it just an idea of how they would like something to work better, or the ability to dream up something entirely new. So, if you have an idea, no matter whether it has just formed or has already evolved into something you feel is production ready, please take a look at our services page to see the ways we can help and guide you forward towards your goal.

Should you have any queries or wish to talk to us about your project, please see our contacts page.