Case Study – Damper Dynamometer

We have worked with KJE for many years on projects ranging from large agricultural drainage machines through to the smallest details of historic racing car restoration, so the opportunity to develop designs for their intended damper dynamometer was an easy one to accept.

Dampers absorb energy and help to control motion. We have long since moved away from lever-arm dampers in motor vehicles, with telescopic units now being the preferred method. To test and calibrate a set of dampers one must replicate their motion when in use, hence the dynamometer.
We developed a machine to work with another customers’ data acquisition and control device, hence our work was relatively straightforward once the initial parameters were set.

The ability to set all known parts in space and develop the remaining components to fit in the assembly context is invaluable in achieving the correct design and with minimal time outlay. Relatively few custom parts, combined with a good quality set of off-the-shelf came together to create a robust and effective product that now works in a number of racing workshops across the country.