We are capable of evolving your concepts, or reverse engineering existing items, and are fully conversant with working under non-disclosure agreements throughout the process.

We carry indemnity insurance to a value of £2,000,000.  This is generally accepted as standard within the industry. Should your project require special consideration, however, then we would be pleased to discuss this.

Our rates are variable, with larger projects attracting proportionately lower rates.  We are happy to quote per portion of your project development, rather than per hour, so please contact us to discuss how we can help.

Computer Aided Design

Initial Concept - be it a simple item or complex mechatronic machine, creating a CAD model is a valuable tool for assessing your design intent and areas that require development.

Development - as your concept develops, so does the CAD model, enabling real-time 3D visualisation, including kinematics simulations that show how the product would assemble and function.

Stress Analysis - depending on the intended use for your product, finite element analysis can be invaluable. It gives a clear indication as to whether the parts will cope with the loads applied during operation and where modifications should be made.

Production Drawings and Tolerancing - when the design is ready for prototyping we can produce CAD models in all common formats together with engineering drawings to enable the creation of tooling and machining of the required parts.


We can guide you through the process of examining how your idea will work, where it would fit within a given market or industry and the route to bringing it to reality.

BoM and cost analysis

A Bill of Materials is essential to ensure accurate order and costing of raw materials, number of parts per assembly or sub-assembly, and for production of parts from the raw materials. We are able to prepare these to a depth of detail to suit your requirements and this links back to any feasibility study carried out on your project.

Prototype production

We work with a select group of engineering companies, utilising those who most suit the production requirements of your design; be that casting, machining, laser cutting or simply hardware supply. Once commissioned to produce a prototype, we will obtain the relevant quotes and confirm your approval, should this not have been covered in a BoM exercise, prior to commencing production.

When your project reaches its conclusion, or at any point along that road, we are able to supply drawings in the following standard formats for your records:

.dxf, .stp, .stl, .igs, .cat, .pdf

Other file types are available if required.